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Software Professional living in London. Command Line Guy, Loves automating Software Delivery.  DevOps Automation, iOS (Swift) Developer, Use Apple tools like Swift, Xcode, XCTest, Xcode Server. Test Automation, Continuous Delivery Pipelines, Docker, Swift, JenkinsCI, Organiser of London Jenkins Area Meetup & London Selenium Meetup. Open-Source Contributor, Author of BDDfire and XCFit Framework, AWS User, Ruby-Cucumber, Behat-PHP, Selenium, BDD practitioner. Browse My GitHub Projects here 


Apple (iOS) Developer Tools :

Swift (Programming), Xcode(IDE),  Xcode Server(CI), XCTest, XCUITest. BDD in Xcode with XCFit, Cucumberish for iOS Development.

BDD and Test Frameworks:

Behaviour Driven Development from Domain layer (Unit Testing) to UI Level using  XCTest, XCUI Test, FitNesse iOS, Cucumberish for iOS (Swift) , PHPUnit, PHPSpec,Behat, Mink (PHP), Capybara, Cucumber, RSpec (Ruby), Jasmine (JavaScript)

Dependency Managers :

CocoaPods, Carthage, Swift Package Manager, for managing Swift Packages for iOS. Composer for managing PHP packages. RubyGems, Bundler to manage Ruby packages.

DevOps CI/CD ToolKit :

DevOps and Infrastructure automation and Building Continuous Delivery Pipeline using Jenkins, Xcode Server, TeamCity, TravisCI, AWS, Docker, Ansible, Chef, Vagrant. iOS Continuous Delivery using popular Continuous Delivery tool ‘Fastlane‘. Red Hat Enterprise Linux [CentOS], Debian [Ubuntu], Bash Scripting.

Web Development :

PHP Development [Symfony Framework], Ruby Development [Ruby on Rails]


Browse my all Github Projects here 

121 repositories, 129 followers.


BDD Supporting Tools

Author of  BDD supporting tools in Swift(iOS)  and Ruby(Web). BDDfire and XCFit.

  • BDDfire: Instant Ruby-Cucumber BDD Framework for web application
  • XCFit :  Full Stack BDD Framework for iOS (Swift) Fitnesse and XCUI Test

Meetup Organiser in London

London Selenium Meetup

Community leader of London Selenium Users. Actively sharing best practices in test automation by organising regular meetup at various companies in London. Checkout Meetup Details

London Jenkins Area Meetup

Organising London Jenkins Area Meetup to share knowledge of how companies are using Jenkins as Continuous Integration server. Checkout Meetup details

My Papers

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BDD with Cucumber and friends. Stay well read and updated what’s happening in the word of BDD




Being a fan of Cricket, I love to spend my weekend on cricket ground. I am fast bowler and can bat at lower order to entertain with some big hits. I have played for Sheepscombe cricket club, Gloucestershire in 2011 and now playing for Blackheath cricket club, London.


  • Major Teams: Blackheath CC,  Kent 8th XI,  Blackheath CC,  Kent 5th XI Blackheath CC,  Kent 7th XI, Sheepscombe CC XI
  • Bowling Position : Opening Bowler
  • Bowling Style: Right arm Fast
  • Batting Style : Right hand bat
  • Playing Role : Bowler
  • Nickname on the field : Shash
  • Height : 1.67 m

Cricket  Stats [Bowling]

2014 Season:

Blackheath CC, Kent – 7th XI Vs Chislehurst & West Kent CC -2014

2013 Season:

Blackheath CC, Kent – 8th XI Vs Bexleyheath CC -2013

Blackheath CC, Kent – 7th XI Vs Orpington CC  -2013

Blackheath Select XI CC – 1st XI Vs Blackheath CC, Kent -2013

Dulwich CC – 5th XI Vs Blackheath CC, Kent -2013

Ex Blues CC – 1st XI Vs Blackheath CC, Kent -2013

Blackheath CC, Kent – 5th XI Vs City University London -2013

2012 Season:

Sheepscombe CC – 1st XI Vs St Stephens CC, Cheltenham – 1st XI

Witcombe CC – 1st XI Vs Sheepscombe CC – 1st XI

Sheepscombe CC – 1st XI Vs Chalford CC – 1st XI

Gloucester Civil Service CC – 1st XI Vs Sheepscombe CC – 1st XI

Sheepscombe CC – 1st XI Vs Haresfield CC, Gloucs – 1st XI

Cranham CC, Glos – 1st XI Vs Sheepscombe CC – 1st XI

Sheepscombe CC – 1st XI Vs Westbury-on-Severn CC, Glos – 1st XI

Sheepscombe CC – 1st XI Vs Westbury-on-Severn CC, Glos – 1st XI

2011 Season:

Blackheath CC, Kent – 8th XI Vs Old Colfeians CC -2011