Guest Blogging

Along with my personal blogs, I have written some guest posts for

Here are details of these article.

DZone Articles

  • Continuous Integration with Xcode Server on macOS

This is step by step tutorial published on DevOps Zone which aims to set up a Mac to run as a MacOS Server with Xcode Service and set up basic Xcode bots for the macOS Server with Xcode 8 to perform CI. Read here

  • Full Stack BDD in Xcode with Page Object Model

This article is about setting up BDD framework in Xcode using XCFit. You can read more about the article on DZone

Part 1 and Part 2.

  • Integrate Fitnesse with XCTest using  Xcode8

This article is about setting up iOS project for Fitnesse acceptance tests and integrating results with XCTest. You can Read more here

  • BDD and Continuous Integration Setup for Xcode8

This article covers BDD and Continuous Integration Setup for Xcode 8, and Swift3 using XCFit and xcodebuild. Read More

BBC Internet Blog

Being BBC employee, I have written few blog posts on BBC Internet blogs  and will be writing more in near future. You can find my author profile here. I wrote following article as of now

  • Testing Symfony2 app with MinkBundle, PhantomJS and PHPUnit

This post explains test automation setup with MinkBundle, PhantomJS and PHPUnit. This also explains Doctrine fixtures in the tests. You can red article here 

  • Test Automation with PhantomJS, Grunt and Friends

This blog posts explains how we used PhantomJS for test automation. It includes cucumber, Capybara, poltergeist for functional testing, grunt-accessibility for accessibility testing, grunt phantomas for performance testing. You can read article here  

  •  Behaviour Driven Development: Tips for writing better feature files

This article gives some tips writing Gherkin feature files in the Given When Then format. You can read full article here

  • Continuous Integration for PHP, JavaScript and Cucumber

This article explain Continuous Integration with Hudson for PHP, JavaScript, Cucumber. You can read full article here


I wrote a article on CloudBees official blog Jenkins 2 and Docker step by step guide.

  • Get started with Jenkins 2.0 with Docker

Jenkins 2.0 is bringing us some new amazing features. The fastest way to get started is to get the Docker image and run containers. Read here


I wrote total three articles for Suacelabs official blog two of the are on Behat and one on Appium and Cucumber.  Details of these posts are as follows

  • Setting up iOS Automation on Sauce Labs with Cucumber and Appium

This post has step by step guide to setup Appium with Cucumber and Saucelabs. You can read full post on Saucelabs blog here 


  • Testing Your Mobile Apps with Behat & Sauce Labs

This post has two parts which explains setting up Behat for mobile test automation. You can read full post on saucelabs official blog here

  • Adding Sauce to Behat

This post explains basics of setting up behat and saucelabs. This post might be outdated now as Behat has changed a lot since then still you can read it here


EuroStar Conference

I have written a post on role of tester in the BDD for Eurostar software testing conferences. This post was most viewed post for many months.

  • Top tips for the BDD tester

This post explain role of modern tester in the BDD projects. You can read full post here 

Methods & Tools

I have written an artcle on BDDfire: Instant Ruby Cucumber Framework.

  • BDDfire: Instant Ruby Cucumber Framework

Step by step guide for setting up Cucumber BDD framework with BDDfire. You can read full post here