Automated Accessibility Tools

Automated Accessibility

Accessibility testing can done either in manual or automated way. Manual accessibility can be formed by using some online tools or using VoiceOver on Mac OSX or NVDA  screen reader.

There are various automated accessibility tools available in the market which we will be listing in the post.

Using automated accessibility tools has some pros and cons as it can detect few things but can’t really detect some important things.

Automated tools can detect :

  • ALT tags
  • Character Encoding
  • Relative Size
  • TabIndex value
  • ARIA
  • track attribute for Video

There are various accessibility audit rules automated by Google Accessibility Developer Tool.

Automated Tools Can’t detect :

  • Color Contract
  • Frame Usage
  • JavaScript Usage

 Automated Accessibility Tools

There are some awesome libraries available open-source for the automated accessibility testing. Some of the popular are listed below

Google Accessibility Developer Tool

Google accessibility developer tool is available on github here. It comes as Google Chrome plugin. It can ne used from command line using PhantomJS or can be run with Selenium WebDriver. It has ruby library called ‘access-lint


a11y project is great initiative from the community of accessibility developers. It’s a community driven effort to make web accessibility easier.

You can find source code on GitHub



Pa11y is another accessibility tool. You can try it from command line with PhantomJS. Source code is available on GitHub is another automated accessibility tool. You need to registered with them and get API KEY. It has ruby library called ‘mortise

There are some other online tools but these libraries I found useful.