BDD: Auto-push living documentation with Relish


Relish is a cool tool for the living documentation in the BDD projects. Please my detailed blog about how to setup relish-living documentation in the BDD project. Relish can be used with any BDD tool which support Gherkin language. In this post, we will see how to auto-push feature files with relish.

Get Relish API Token

In order to push feature files automatically with relish, you need to have relish account. Once you logged into the Relish, you can get your API token by visiting by

  • Log in into Relish with your credential 
  • Visit ‘’ url.

This url will return a string, that’s your API token.


Once you got your API token, We can create ‘.relish’ file in our BDD project.


This file will automatically detect your credentials and push the feature files with ‘relish push’ command.


You can setup a script which run periodically on continuous integration server to regularly push feature files online.

Happy BDD


  • vikram

    Hi Shashikant,

    I have started learning BDD and Cucumber. Having used traditional test case management techniques for more than a decade , it is little hard to move to feature files concept.

    It will be really helpful if you can please share some real world examples of .features files ( Gherkin language ) or point to some good material out there.

    I am interested to find out how to put positive and negative test cases in a a feature file ? Say I have 10 test cases ( both +ve and -ve ) , how can I put these in form of scenarios in feature file ?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Victor Hugo dos Santos

    This help me alot. I had a problem with windows and CircleCI.