BDDfire: Continuous Integration with TravisCI and new webpage

BDDfire : New Home

BDDfire is an instant Cucumber-BDD framework which allows us to setup entire Ruby-Cucumber frameworks in a minute. BDDfire is hosted on Rubygem server and currently  has more than 80K downloads. I am glad to announce that BDDfire has now got new home on GitHub pages. BDDfire is current hosted on static page generator by Github and can be accessed here  Or You can visit it by clicking on image below.


Continuous Integration with TravisCI

BDDfire was lacking CI support which was pain while contributing and merging pull requests. Good news is that BDDfire now supports Continuous Integration service using Travis CI and we got some tests !

Travis CI page for the BDDfire build will trigger after every PR and commit on master. The build status can be found here



Hope this make it easy to contribute to BDDfire and making it better tool !