BDDfire [Refactored] : Automate Web and Native Mobile Apps with less code

Refactored BDDfire

As of now, BDDfire become popular as instant Ruby-Cucumber-Capybara BDD framework. It got published in the ‘Methods and Tools‘ magazine and since then number of downloads has been increased dramatically. Now BDDfire ha mor tha 30,000 downloads. BDDfire has been also published as big link on DZone.

Previously BDDfire was just creating skeleton framework for the Ruby-Cucumber-Capybara BDD framework. Now, it has more than that. Let’s explore what’s new in the BDDfire and what will be the future of BDDfire.


What’s New ?

New version of of the BDDfire has some amazing features. It includes some predefined steps and enhanced Appium support

Improved Skeleton

Now  that BDDfire generates skeleton project with all required files and directories with more interactive way. It will show you information about which file or directory is being created. BDDfire will create a ‘cucumber’ directory and put everything inside it.

The new output will  now look like this :


Build-In Steps: Code Less

BDDfire has added in-built steps definitions for the selenium and poltergeist driver so that you don’t need to implement step definitions for those steps. You can find predefined UI steps here and predefined steps specific to Poltergeist headless driver here

Improved Appium Driver

BDDfire has refactored Appium driver completely. Now we ca use all Appium related capabilities. Here’s a details of the change on github.  iOS an Android related capabilities can be used as per need. You can always disable not required capabilities by commenting the lines.


Now BDDfire needs some mobile steps as a pre-defined steps so that we can automated mobile apps with less hassles. Feel free to fork BDDfire and contribute to it


  • Cliseru Gabriel

    Hello Shashikant,

    Could you please make a video with 1 or 2 custom steps that use the Page Objects design pattern using the BDDfire. I am following your repo and I would like to help you with the project but I find it difficult to start with.

    Thank you in advance,