BDDfire: Write your Tests not Framework

BDDfire: Write your tests not Framework

BDDfire is  library which installs Ruby-Cucumber framework in a minute with lots of Cucumber friendly tools. BDDfire features includes :

This will create all the directories and files to support following tools

  • Inbuilt Capybara
  • Access Selenium-Webdriver capabilities
  • Poltergeist: PhantomJS based headless driver for capybara
  • Run scenarios in parallel 10 processes and rerun failed scenarios.
  • Appium : Mobile test automation Framework
  • Saucelabs : Cloud testing framework
  • Browserstack : Cloud testing framework
  • TestingBot : Cloud testing framework
  • Relish : Living Documenation
  • Yard : Cucumber documentation
  • Rubocop : Ruby code review tool
  • CI Support Script

Three Commands to Get Started



Watch it in Action on Youtube :


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