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What’s New in Xcode 8.3 for XCTest and Xcode Server

Apple has just released Xcode 8.3 beta for the developers. Xcode 8.3 release notes has handful of the features for the developers. Some of the key features of Xcode 8.3 are Autocompletion in the breakpoint navigator text fields. XCTest has couple of  new classes to support asynchronous testing. New user InterfaceRead More

Stabilizing the CI By Re-runing Flaky iOS XCUI Tests

Apple has released Xcode UI Testing a.k.a XCUI Test framework at WWDC 2015 which enable UI testing of iOS application straight from Xcode without any third party tools like Appium, Calabash or KIF.  These tools that call themselves mobile testing frameworks but they’re actually little more than wrappers to UIAutomation or Instruments.  The releaseRead More

Top 5 reasons for Continuous Integration failure

Agile software development can’t be perfect without effective Continuous Integration process. Continuous Integration a.k.a CI is a process of continuously analyse, build, test and deploy software. Continuous Integration checks an internal quality of the code and tests the business logic of the product before we release it to the production.Read More

Pros and Cons of using Xcode Server for iOS Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration a.k.a. CI is an integral part of iOS development process which gives early feedback when something breaks during application development. In an agile application development, producing working app is not only writing good code but also setting up infrastructure to deliver it continuously. The process of Continuous Integration andRead More

Fire up BDD inside Docker with Cucumber and BDDfire

The key benefits of Behavior-Driven-Development (BDD) practices are communication enhancement and customer satisfaction. You can read more on that by Dan North and Gojko Adzic. Perhaps the biggest practical challenge that stands in the way of reaping those benefits is the burden of provisioning, installation, maintenance of requisite complex and fussy infrastructure andRead More

Adding Homebrew Support to XCFit Framework

Glad to announce that XCFit is available to download from Homebrew package manager. XCFit  a.k.a (XCUI, Cucumberish and Fitnesse Integrations Tests) is a full stack Xcode BDD framework for Swift iOS apps. XCFit creates automated Xcode templates which helps us to setup BDD style tests within Xcode. You can read more about XCFit on my previous post or articlesRead More

Continuous Integration with Xcode Server on macOS: Complete Setup Guide

Apple has very comprehensive documentation on Xcode Server and Continuous Integration with OSX Server (app) and Xcode Server (Xcode within the server app). You might be wondering what’s the point of this post if everything is documented in the guide. However Apple’s guide still reads as OSX Server than macOS Server butRead More

Apple Swift Package Manager : A Deep Dive

Apple has released it’s own package manager called ‘Swift Package Manager‘ to share and distribute Swift packages. It’s good to know that Apple is working on the replacement of the current loved and hated package managers in the iOS development world those are CocoaPods and Carthage. In this article, we willRead More

XCFit 2.0 Released : Full Stack BDD in Xcode + Page Object + Swift Package Manager

XCFit 2.0 Glad to announce new version of XCFit with brand new features. You can find release notes on Github here. If you are new to XCFit then XCFit a.k.a (XCUI, Cucumberish and Fitnesse Integrations Tests) is a full stack Xcode BDD framework for Swift iOS and macOS apps. XCFit allows us to write API level,Read More

Swift 3 : Basic concepts with Xcode 8

Swift3 at WWDC Apple has announced Swift3 on WWDC [2016] this year. It’s amazing that Swift can be used on Linux and lots of third party companies working on server side swift. First couple of releases of Swift has gone though major changes in the Swift but Apple has promisedRead More