Dockerizing BDD : Presentation at #BDDX15 Conference London

Agile Testing and BDD Exchange 2015

Agile testing and BDD Exchange 2015 conference has been organised at SkillsMatter, London on 12th and 13th November 2015. It was very informative event and mainly it was well organised by SkillsMatter.

The details of the programmes are here, I am pleased to attend and speak at the BDD Exchange 2015. I have presented on the topic ‘Dockerizing BDD: Ruby Cucumber Example‘. The slides and video of the presentation is available now.

Dockerizing BDD : Ruby Cucumber Example

The slides of my presentation are available on SlideShare.

SkillsCast – Video of the talk

The video of the presentation is available to watch on SkillsMatter website. You need to register to SkillsMater in order to watch it. Link to the video can be found here or click on the image below



Demo: Related Youtube Video

I have recorded some video related to the presentation. It consist of introduction to docker and docker toolbox. The demonstration of running cucumber scenario inside the containers. The demonstration of the using docker-containers for running cross-browser tests.


Docker-ToolBox Intro

Docker BDD : Cucumber Poltergeist

Docker-Compose + Cucumber Cross Browser

KiteMatic Containers : Cross-Browser Management

I hope you found it useful. Enjoy Docker and BDD Integration.

Any questions ? Feel free to contact me on Twitter @Shashikant86