Installing and Setting up Github’s Atom Editor on Mac OSX Mavericks

Atom Editor

GitHub has just released beta version of 21st century hackable editor for developers called ‘Atom‘. Currently, Atom (@AtomEditor) is in beta status and will be available only via invite. You can request an invite from GitHub by sending your details and you will get an invite soon Or you can ask your friends, colleagues to send you invite.

Once you got an invite, you need to follow a link from your email which will allow you to download Atom for your Mac. Currently Atom is only available for Mac OSX version 10.8 and above.


 Launch Atom

Once you download zip with Atom package, you need to  install it on your Mac OSX and open Atom Editor for first time. It will look like this:



 Move Atom to /Applications

Copy Atom into your Applications directory so that you can launch it straight from your Spotlight or Alfred. It would be useful.



Atom Command Line

Once you have installed Atom, you can use many command line options for Atom. You can install packages, themes from command line. You need to have installed node and npm. You can find help from your i-Term

This will give you information about usage of ‘apm’ command.  if you got an node error then you need to upgrade your node and npm version

Now you should be on the latest version of the node and npm:


 Now you shouldn’t get any any error while accessing ‘apm’

You can navigate to directory and launch atom from there by using atom command

This is pretty awesome way to launch Atom for different project.


 Install Themes and Packages

You can now install packages and themes available at the official packages website. You just need to find the name of the packages and install those packages from command line.

Search Packages

You can search available packages from command line get list of packages available for that language or tool. Suppose, you want to search all packages available for Cucumber BDD tool. You can search that from your command line.

This will install Gherkin style syntax highlighting for your Cucumber feature files. You can explore packages for the languages and tools of your interest.


Search Themes

You can also search themes and install directly with simple commands. I did search for themes for Mac and Twilight theme and installed

You can search and install packages from the command palette of the Atom (cmd+Shift+P) ans type install.


Well, you can configure your Atom editor by using configuration guide in the official documentation.

Atom Vs Sublime Text

Being user of Sublime Text, I found it’s pretty similar in terms of keyboard shortcuts and functionality. In the Atom introduction blog post , explained how Atom is different from Sublime Text and TextMate. Atom;s extensibility is the key. Atom will be easily plugged with the any language and tool. Hope fully it will be free, hope so !