phpbrew: awesome PHP version Manager


PHPBrew is a awesome PHP version management tool. It is very similar to RVM for Ruby version management. Now it become very easy to manage PHP versions on Mac OSX.

Let’s get started with phpbrew, get it installed

Now we have installed phpbrew and we can initialise it.



Now,  we can add ‘ source ~/.phpbrew/bashrc’ to .bashrc or .zshrc profile.


Now you can list all known php versions and install specific version of PHP we want

This will install php5.6.13


 Install PHP Extensions

Using phpbrew, installing php extensions is such an easy task. You can name extensions and run command

We can also enable/disable extensions with phpbrew

Now, we also install php components line composer or phpunit


 Turn Off

You can turn off phpbrew whenever you want.

Easy Done ! Right ?

Get phpbrew now !!