Public Speaking

Talks at Conferences & Meetup

  • Full Stack BDD inside Xcode

Event Details : iOSConBytes Meetup SkillsMatter, London

Watch SkillsCast : Full Stack BDD iOS

  • BDDfire: Cucumber in a minute : CukeUp 2016

Event Details : Cukeup! 2016: The progressive BDD conference

Watch SkillsCast: BDDfire: Get up and Running with Cucumber in a minute 

  • Dockerizing BDD: Agile Testing & BDD Exchange 2015, London

Conference Details : Agile Testing & BDD Exchange 2015

Watch SkillsCast : BDD inside Docker Containers 

Talk Details : Dockerizing BDD

  • Automated Accessibility : London SDET Meetup

Event Details : London Developer in Test Meetup at BBC

Slides: Automated Accessibility 

  • London Appium Meetup: Docker Appium

Event Details: Appium London Meetup

Slides: Dockerising Appium


  • iOS Developers Conference, SkillsMatter, London

Event Details: iOS Developers Conference, SkillsMatter

Talk Details: iOS Automation with Appium and Cucumber

Recorded Video : Watch the skillscast here


  • London SDET Meetup at Guardian

Event Detail: London Developers in Test Meetup

Slides : View on SlideShare 

  • CukeUp Conference and In the Brain Session at Skillsmatter 

Event Details: In the Brain Headless BDD, Recorded Video

Slides : view on SlideShare 


  • Talk at London Tester Gathering, June 2013

  • London Selenium Meetup Talk:

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  • Talk at London Testers Gathering, Jan 2012

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  • Talk at Selenium Conference :

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