Published New eBook: Practical Cucumber with Ruby Friends

New Free eBook

I am glad to announce my new eBook on ‘Practical Cucumber with Ruby Friends

This book covers practical use of Cucumber, Capybara framework with step by step guide. This book also highlights modern web development tools for developers and testers. An open-source toolkit includes Capybara, Poltergeist, Relish, Appium, Calabash, Cuke_Sniffer, Jenkins, PhantomJS etc.

The agile development methodologies like Behaviour Driven Development becoming so popular and role of developers and test engineer changing dramatically as teams started using Cucumber as BDD tool.

What You will Learn

This book will give practical information about Cucumber and related open-source tools. It’s essential for team to learn Cucumber and it’s basic setup. After reading this book, you will able to

  • Setup Ruby-Cucumber Framework
  • Learn about latest open-source tools used with Cucumber
  • Setup development environment for Cucumber project
  • Learn Living Documentation
  • Learn about latest open-source tools and use it with Cucumber like Capybara,
  • Appium, Poltergeist, Relish, Cuke_Sniffer etc
  • Setup Cucumber on Continuous Integration server like Jenkins, Hudson and TravisCI
  • Setup Cucumber for Mobile Test Automation.
  • Stay updated with the latest trends in BDD and Cucumber

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Practical Cucumber with Ruby Friends


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Please download and have a look. Ideas and feedback are welcome.