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[Re]-Installing Jenkins on OSX Mavericks

Jenkins Installation

Jenkins is the best Continuous integration tool in the Market. Jenkins is so popular because of hundreds of plug-ins that user can use to configure Job.

Hope you have upgraded your OSX to Mavericks and lost your existing Jenkins installation. I have written blog post few months back about ‘Installing Jenkins on Mac OSX‘, at that time it was OSX Mountain Lion.

Jenkins on OSX- Mavericks

Download Jenkins Package for Mac OSX from Jenkins official website. If you try to install package and got this error.



You need to tweak security settings in your Mac OSX. Go to Preferences-> Security & Privacy and ‘Allow apps downloaded from; to anywhere


Now, you can download and install Jenkins. Once you followed all the instructions on your screen you can see Jenkins has been installed successfully. It would launch Jenkins automatically OR You can visit http://localhost:8080 and see Jenkins Home Page.



I got few Jenkins job from the original installations so they are appearing there.

Java & Mavericks

On OSX Mavericks, you will find that you have lost Java installation. You may need to install Java, follow this blog from OSX Daily [@osxdaily] called ‘Install Java on OSX-Mavericks

Get Nice Jenkins Plugins

There are wide range of Jenkins Plugins available there, just go to ‘Manage Jenkins’ -> ‘Manage Plug-ins’. You will see list of plug-ins available there, I have installed few useful plug-ins like Cucumber, Violation and so on


Starting and Stoping Jenkins

Jenkins has been now start or stop Jenkins from command line :



Have fun with Continuous Integration.