Setting up oh my Zsh with iTerm2 on MacBook


Whenever I am on My Mac, I always love my tools and editors stand out from traditional and old-fashioned tools. Being a software professional we use terminal a lot to execute some commands. In the past, I have used terminal for Mac, iTerm2 in my day to day job and at home. Today I fall in love with ‘oh-my-zsh‘ with iTerm2 and it’s simple awesome. in this post, I will show you how I set that up on my MacBook Pro with OSX Yosemite.

Install oh-my-zsh

It’s very simple, Open your bloody old style terminal Or iTerm 2 screen and type


Now you have installed oh-myzsh. Worth confirming by typing ‘zsh –version’

Now you should have ‘~/.zshrc’ file created in your Home directory. We need to configure that to use oh-my-zsh.

Install plugins

Now that, we have .zshrc file, You can browse through various plugins here. I use git, Ruby, Brew, Vagrant, NodeJS, npm, Rubygem, Bundler in my day to day job. So open up .zshrc file

Add following line

Install Themes

Now you have to select your favourite theme from the list of themes. I have selected ‘dallas‘ theme as it has ruby version and git brand be default. Add this line to .zshrc

export ZSH_THEME=”dallas”

Now you are all set. Now open up iTerm 2 again. Feel the magic, it’s completely changed.

Mine looks like this :


It looks great, isn’t it ?

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