Setup Local Web Development Environment on OSX Yosemite 10.10 from Scratch

OSX Yosemite

Get fresh copy of the OSX Yosemite. I assume that you got nothing installed on your Mac and having clean hard drive. One good we can do at this point is create an Installation USB drive by running following command from terminal.

You need at least 8GB of space. You can read this post on Mashable to do it step by step.

In this post, I will explain how to setup web development environment on OSX Yosemite. The tools include

  • Xcode + Command Line Tools
  • Git
  • HomeBrew
  • Cask for HomeBrew
  • Atom
  • RubyGems with RVM
  • NodeJS
  • Docker
  • Vagrant

Now Let’s get started with that


Now that we got fresh version of OSX Yosmite installed. We can get Xcode from the Apple Store. Just sign in with your Apple ID and Download Xcode from the Apple Store. It will take some time and space to get it installed. It will be Xcode version 6.1.1 which is latest at the moment. Xcode will give you Git as a bonus.

Now in  order to install command line tools for the Xcode we need to run following command

This will install command line tools for the Xcode. It will take 4-5 minutes.

 Git Setup

Now that, we have Xcode installed which gives Git as a bonus. Now we have Git installed with Xcode. Let’s setup our existing GitHub account. We can run following commands with your GitHub details

Now it will generate SSH key in the ‘~/.ssh/’. We need to add it into GitHub. Now try to ssh in to git.

You will message that you are successfully authenticated.

You can get GitHub for Mac which looks cool.


HomeBrew is awesome package management for Mac OSX. We can install other packages with HomeBrew

HomeBrew Install :


Install Cask 

Cask will install Mac Application in the single command.

This will look like :


Now we will install following app with Cask.

  • iTerm
  • Atom Editor
  • Google Chrome
  • Vagrant  [ Need VirtualBox to be installed ]
  • Vagrant-manager

Vagrant installation looks like this:


Now we will install following packages with Brew

  • NodeJS


  • Docker


  • PhantomJS

PhantomJS is a headless browser. We can install it using


RVM is ruby version manager. We can install it

RVM Install


There are many packages and Apps we can install with HomeBrew and Cask.