Slides and Demo : Automated Accessibility – SDET Meetup at BBC

12th SDET Meeup at BBC

I had a fun presenting at 12th SDET meetup at BBC New Broadcasting house on 12th November, 2015.  It has two talks, Matt Robbins presented on ‘Autoscaling Selenium Grid’  which was amazing and I presented on ‘Automated Accessibility : Current Options’

The meetup was sponsored by “Just-Eat”  and arranged well by myBBC team. You can find more about meetup

Slides and Demo : Automated Accessibility Tools

My talk was all about presenting all popular automated accessibility tools available in the market. It consist of live demo of all the tools and how we can use it.

Automated accessibility tools based on following technology stacks

  • PhantomJS – Most of the tools uses PhantomJS
  • Grunt : Accessibility tools comes as Grunt plugin
  • NodeJS : There are some npm packages available for these accessibility tools
  • Ruby Libraries : There are some ruby Gems available

I have shown demo of the following tools


  • Google Accessibility Developer Tool

  • A11y

  • Pa11y : Accessibility Testing Pal

  • Axe : The Accessibility Engine

  • Tenon : Simplify your accessibility

Slides of the talk are available on SlideShare


Source Code on GitHub

I have created GitHub Repo to demo all the all these tools


Video Demo

There are video Demo of each tool available to watch on Youtube.

Demo of Google Accessibility Developer Tool and A11y

Demo of P11y and Grunt Accessibility


Demo of and Axe and Tenon

Try it out and feel free to ask any question if you have any.