Slides & Video : LDNSE #12 Visual Regression – Selenium and PhantomCSS

 LDNSE #12 Visual Regression

Thanks you all who attended #LDNSE 12 Meetup ‘Visual Regression-PhantomCSS & Selenium‘ @Huddle. Big thanks to team Huddle for sponsoring this event with Pizza and Beers. There were three great talks from Phil Mullan, James Cryer and Adam Carmi. Check out this meetup

Now Slides of the the talks are available on ‘LondonSelenium‘ SpeakerDeck.

Speedy Web Automation at Huddle

Phil Mullan : Test Engineering Manager at Huddle talk about Web automation strategies at Huddle

Visual Regression Testing-PhantomCSS

James Cryer: UI developer at Huddle talks about automated testing of CSS, HTML & JS with PhantomCSS.


Advanced Visual Test Automation With Selenium

Slides from talk on Advanced Visual Test Automation with Selenium at the London Selenium Meetup by Adam Carmi



LIVE Streaming

Meetup event was live streamed on Youtube and MeerKat

There were few people watching this event on Meerkat as well.


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What Next?

Next Selenium London Meetup is planned on 16th April at Mozilla office. It will be about ‘Mobile Selenium – Appium and Testdroid

See you all there !

Thanks a lot.