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Migrating XCFit to Swift 4 and Xcode 9

Apple has just released Xcode 9 with loads of new features including refactoring support. You can checkout full list of feature on Apple’s documentation  What’s New in Xcode 9 but in summary we have following Refactoring and Markdown Support Wireless Debugging Deep Integration with Github from Xcode Build In Xcode Server. NoRead More

Video: Live Demo Protocol Oriented BDD in Swift for iOS Apps

Recently, I have spoken at iOSConBytes meetup, SkillsMatter, London on Full Stack BDD inside Xcode with use of XCFit framework. This talk covered live demo of following things Building a sample iOS app using Protocol Oriented BDD approach Mapping BDD Scenarios with Swift Setting up BDD target with XCFit Protocol Oriented BDD Xcode TemplateRead More

Introducing Protocol-Oriented BDD in Swift for iOS Apps

Swift is truly protocol-oriented language. Since introduced in  WWDC 2014 and open sourced in December 2015,  it become one of the popular language for developing iOS application. You can watch this WWDC video to know about protocol oriented programming with Swift. In the recent days, protocol-oriented approach is definitely dominated the objectRead More

XCFit 4 released : Swift 3.1, Carthage and Pre-defined BDD Steps Support

XCFit is full stack iOS BDD framework in Xcode. XCFit setup Xcode templates with skeleton code and directory structures which helps us to get started with BDD and XCFit Swift Framework provides lots of predefined BDD Style steps to automated BDD with less code. You can read details of XCFitRead More

Fire up BDD inside Docker with Cucumber and BDDfire

The key benefits of Behavior-Driven-Development (BDD) practices are communication enhancement and customer satisfaction. You can read more on that by Dan North and Gojko Adzic. Perhaps the biggest practical challenge that stands in the way of reaping those benefits is the burden of provisioning, installation, maintenance of requisite complex and fussy infrastructure andRead More

Adding Homebrew Support to XCFit Framework

Glad to announce that XCFit is available to download from Homebrew package manager. XCFit  a.k.a (XCUI, Cucumberish and Fitnesse Integrations Tests) is a full stack Xcode BDD framework for Swift iOS apps. XCFit creates automated Xcode templates which helps us to setup BDD style tests within Xcode. You can read more about XCFit on my previous post or articlesRead More

BDD with Xcode 8, Swift 3, Cucumberish and XCFit on macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra, Xcode 8 and Swift3 Apple has just released macOS Sierra public beta in the UK and we couldn’t wait to see new features of macOS Sierra and Xcode 8. macOS Sierra brings Siri to MacBook Pro with lots of performance improvements but I was keen to try featuresRead More

Instant Testing of RESTful API with BDDfire and Cucumber

BDDfire2.0.1 + REST API Testing Glad to announce support for the API testing to BDDfire as we can now use pre-defined steps to perform API testing using combination of Cucumber and RestClient. BDDFire is a wholesale Ruby-Cucumber framework where you can setup Web, Mobile, Accessibility, Load, Performance and now REST APIRead More

BDDfire 2.0 with Docker, Gatling and Accessibility support

BDDfire BDDfire allows us to setup Ruby Cucumber framework within a minute with all related toolkit. It became very popular as it gives us ability to setup Ruby-Cucumber framework without wasting time while setting up test framework for new projects. You don’t have to spend months and months setting up yourRead More

Plug your Jasmine BDD Specs with Grunt

Jasmine Jasmine is a Behaviour Driven Development tool for the JavaScript. It’s an awesome idea to get our JavaScript unit tested with Jasmine. You can read more about how Jasmine works on official documentation here Jasmine documentation covers how to get started and run our Specs in the browser, howeverRead More