BrowserMob-CLI : Ruby library to generate HAR from command line

Automation, BDD
Introducing BrowserMob-CLI Recently, I wrote BrowserMob-CLI ruby gem which allows us to generate HAR files from command line. This will preview HAR files in the Browser as well as parse it in YAML. It works well for FirefoxDriver.  ChromeDriver/GhostDriver will be coming soon.  If you are new to HAR(HTTP Archive) & BrowserMob Proxy then please read these couple of links What is HAR HAR Spec BrowserMobProxy HAR file can be used for Calculate Load time. Set/Get HTTP Headers during your tests Capture performance data with HAR files. Simulate network traffic and latency Rewrite HTTP requests and response BrowserMob-Proxy It's a CLI wrapper around BrowserMob Proxy. BrowserMob Proxy is a utility which is used for capturing HTTP traffic and performance data from the browser. BrowserMob-Proxy adds in essential missing capabilities such as…
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