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Setting up Headless Travis CI build with Cucumber+Capybara+Poltergeist

Travis CI Travis CI is a continuous integration service for the open source projects hosted on GitHub. You can login into  TravisCI with your existing GitHub account. Travis CI build will run after every checkin into the GitHub. Typically TravisCI loos like this Setting up TravisCI +Poltergeist Setting up TravisRead More

PHP Continuous Integration Template using Composer and JenkinsCI

PHP-Jenkins Template Jenkins is a very popular Continuous Integration tool these days and using it with PHP project is became so easy with help of Jenkins-PHP  template  project. This project gives us ultimate guide to get started with basic setup of the PHP related tools and Jenkins plugins. You canRead More

Launching Jenkins Slaves on the fly.

Jenkins Master-Slave Architecture Jenkins is a awesome Continuous Integration tool which allow you to add multiple slaves as per your project requirement . Working in the distributed environment, we need different machine for different purpose. We might need Ubuntu machines to do specific tasks, CentOS machines to perform additional taskRead More

Adventures with Jenkins CI on Mac OSX & Linux

Abstract: In an agile software development, Continuous integration became integral part of agile process and agile team won’t be considered as effective without effective and visible continuous integration(CI). Continuous integration server runs automated test after each time developers check-in into the source code repository and notify team in case buildRead More