Cross-Browser Testing with Behat, Mink and Selenium

Behat Demo Hope you are enjoying Behat scenarios running in a firefox as it's default driver for MinkExtension. How about running those scenarios in different browsers? We can use selenium/WebDriver ┬áto run those scenarios in different browsers. Let's say we have a sample project, e.g here is one on my GitHub account called "Behat-Demo" Cross-Browser In order to run those scenarios in different browsers, we need to change config file 'behat.yml'. Let's change config to run tests in "Safari" [crayon-58a9863ec56e1862265864/] You can change different browsers like safari, firefox opera etc etc. When it comes to running scenarios in Google chrome, we need to switch to 'selenium' driver. [crayon-58a9863ec56f5359295687/] Currently it's not possible to connect to GoogleChrome using WebDriver Or ChromeDriver. ENJOY THIS VIDEO !!  
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