BDD with Xcode 8, Swift 3, Cucumberish and XCFit on macOS Sierra

Automation, BDD, iOSDev
macOS Sierra, Xcode 8 and Swift3 Apple has just released macOS Sierra public beta in the UK and we couldn't wait to see new features of macOS Sierra and Xcode 8. macOS Sierra brings Siri to MacBook Pro with lots of performance improvements but I was keen to try features of the Xcode8 and Swift3 with my recent pet-project XCFit: Full Stack BDD framework for iOS and macOS Apps. I am very impressed with enhancements in the 'xcodebuild'. In this post I will step by step guide to setup BDD for iOS10/macOS Sierra project using XCFit, Cucumberish, Xcode 8 and Swift3.   XCFit on Xcode8 and Swift3 XCFit is a full stack BDD framework for the iOS and macOS applications. You can read article on mobile DZone to know more about it.…
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