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iOS Localization and Internationalization Testing with XCUITest

It’s very common to find an iOS applications in different languages and supporting different countries. The brands needs to intruduce their business  to the locals in the language that is truly local and that’s the way to connect and create value out of the iOS app. It’s essential to developRead More

XCFit 4 released : Swift 3.1, Carthage and Pre-defined BDD Steps Support

XCFit is full stack iOS BDD framework in Xcode. XCFit setup Xcode templates with skeleton code and directory structures which helps us to get started with BDD and XCFit Swift Framework provides lots of predefined BDD Style steps to automated BDD with less code. You can read details of XCFitRead More

Controlling Siri from XCTest using XCUISiriService

Apple has released new Xcode 8.3 beta 2 with new Swift 3.1 snapshot which is available to download from Apple developer account. There are lot of new things in Xcode 8.3 beta 2, you can read release note if you have Apple developer account. There is a handy class added to the XCTestRead More

Asynchronous iOS Testing in Swift with XCWaiter

Apple recently announced Swift 3.1 development snapshot  and XCode 8.3 for the developers. There are couple of handy classes added to the XCTest framework to enable Asynchronous Testing for iOS and macOS applications. In this post, we will see how we can perform asynchronous testing using XCWaiter. Swift 3.1-Dev Newly addedRead More