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Five Options for iOS Continuous Delivery without Fastlane

Fastlane tools automate entire iOS CI/CD pipelines and allow us to keep an iOS infrastructure as code. Fastlane is set of tools to automate almost everything from analyzing, building, testing, code signing and archiving iOS apps. However, if you look inside, it’s nothing but a Ruby layer on top ofRead More

10 Things I Rocked in 2017: A Year End Review of XCBlog

On New Year’s Eve, I badly need to finish this end of review post for XCBlog to thank 2017. If you are a reader or follower of XCBlog, either on my personal blog or Medium or DZone then you must be passionate about iOS Engineering beyond development in Xcode. There are millionsRead More

Xcode Server + Ansible: Scalable and Programmable iOS CI/CD Infrastructure

One of the complaints about Xcode Server is it’s not scalable to be used as large-scale or enterprise level. However, if you have skills to understand and manage an infrastructure for iOS deployment then scalability can be easily achieved for small, medium or large iOS teams using the mixture of iOSRead More

Xcode Server: Enabling Code Diagnostic Tools

Xcode comes up with some cool tools that can be used to detect some crazy bugs that are hard to catch with manual or functional automated testing. The memory and threading related issues are hard to find unless they made the impact on the application. In my previous post onRead More

Xcode Server + Slack = Rockstar Combo for iOS CI/CD

Xcode Server is Continuous Integration service provide by Apple to analyse, build, test and archive iOS apps. Xcode Server has been recently inbuilt with Xcode 9, which made Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery of iOS apps just a few clicks away. Apple still hasn’t updated documentation of Xcode Server a.k.a XCS with XcodeRead More

Xcode Server: iOS Over The Air (OTA) Installation Tips

Since Apple released Xcode 9 with inbuilt Xcode Server, the process setting up Continuous Integration for iOS projects became the matter of few clicks. In my previous post on Xcode Server, I explained the detailed process of setting up CI with Xcode 9 and Xcode Server for iOS apps. In orderRead More

Xcode Server: Top 10 Limitations of XCS for iOS Continuous Delivery

Just after Apple announced Xcode Sever a.k.a XCS inbuilt with Xcode 9, I wrote a detailed post on how to setup Xcode Server for iOS continuous integration with Xcode 9. The post also has example project to demonstrate new features of Xcode Server. The post mentioned some of the keyRead More

Hands-on XCUITest Features with Xcode 9

At WWDC 2017, there was a great session on What’s New in Testing which was mainly about new features of XCTest and XCUITest frameworks.  The team working on developer tools at Apple has made huge improvements in the area of  UI Testing with XCUITest and Continuous Integration with Xcode Server. InRead More

Xcode9 + Xcode Server = Comprehensive iOS Continuous Integration

At WWDC 2017, Apple announces something that made almost every iOS developer smile, a session on ‘What’s New in Signing for Xcode and Xcode Server‘.  It’s hard to explain, how easy it becomes to perform Continuous Integration for Apple platforms especially iOS and macOS using Xcode 9 and Xcode Server.Read More

Beginers Guide to iOS Continuous Integration with Xcode Server

Apple has very comprehensive documentation on Xcode Server and Continuous Integration with OSX Server (app) and Xcode Server (Xcode within the server app). You might be wondering what’s the point of this post if everything is documented in the guide. However Apple’s guide still reads as OSX Server than macOS Server but Apple has released new macOS Server (5.2)Read More