My BBC Blog on Behaviour Driven Development

Recently, I have written a post on Behaviour Driven Development: Tips for writing better feature files. Link:

OSX Yosemite in Nutshell

OSX Yosemite Recently, I got OSX Yosemite beta on my MacBook Pro. In this post, I will post some snaps of the OSX Yosemite. Desktop   LaunchPad     Mission Control     Notification Center   Safari   Spotlight  

OSX Yosemite on my MacBook Pro

OSX Yosemite Beta Apple has announced OSX Yosemite at WWDC 2014.  Apple made OSX Yosemite Beta available for public download. I have signed up for the Apple seed and got OSX Yosemite beta dowloaded on my MacBook Pro. Installation Experience OSX Yosemite

Introducing BDDfire : An Instant Ruby-Cucumber BDD Framework

BDDfire I am glad to announce ‘BDDfire‘ : An instant Ruby-Cucumber BDD framework which supports various popular open-source libraries like Capybara, Selenium-WebDriver, Poltergeist, Relish, Cuke_sniffer, Rubocop, Appium, Saucelabs, Browserstack etc etc.BDDfire will create all the directories and required files to

Sleipnir: BDD for the Apple’s new Swift

Sleipnir is the Behaviour Driven Development framework for the Apple's new programming language Swift.

RESTful API Testing with Behat and Guzzle

Behat and Guzzle Behat is a behaviour driven development framework for the PHP application. Behat can be used for acceptance testing and api testing. Guzzle is PHP HTTP client to work with HTTP and web services. You can read more

FootBall Fever Mac Setup

FIFA Fever FIFA world cup 2014 is going on in the Brazil and whole world is affected with football fever. Being big fan of the England football, I have setup my home and my Macs to fully support England. Unfortunately, England

Cucumber Tip – Skip HTTP Auth with capybara and headless Drivers

HTTP Authentication HTTP authentication is a mechanism of force use to user credential before entering into the website. While developing application, we might need to use HTTP authentication to restrict unauthorised user accessing site. You can read more HTTP auth

Mac OSX Yosemite : Apple WWDC 2014

Apple has announced new Mac OSX 'Yosemite' which bundled with lots of new features.

Appium: Useful Resources

The latest blogs, tweets and other social media content about popular mobile test automation framework Appium.