CukeUp 2014, London and Me

CukeUp 2014, London CukeUp 2014  is an amazing conference organised by @skillsmatter, London. I am one of the lucky person who got last moment opportunity to speak at Cukeup 2014. There are many interesting talks including @aslak_hellesoy creator of Cucumber and @everzet creator

Behat Mink and headless ZombieJS [Updated]

Behat-Zombie Hope you had enjoyed my previous blog post about setting up Behat-Mink and Zombie driver. It was broken due to latest changes in the driver. Here are some updates, you need to do in order to get it working

Javascript Coverage & Continuous Integration with Jenkins, QUnit and Grunt

QUnit and Grunt QUnit is a powerful a javascript unit testing framework. Like other unit testing frameworks, it would be quite useful to measure code coverage of the JavaScript code using some modern code coverage tools. Grunt is a javascript task

Cucumber, BDD and 21st Century Hackable Atom Editor

Abstract GitHub has just launched Atom Editor, I am using it quite a lot and posted a blog on how to install and setup atom editor on Mac OSX. Since the Atom has grown rapidly and community is adding lots of

PHP Continuous Integration Template using Composer and JenkinsCI

PHP-Jenkins Template Jenkins is a very popular Continuous Integration tool these days and using it with PHP project is became so easy with help of Jenkins-PHP  template  project. This project gives us ultimate guide to get started with basic setup

Internet Speed Test from Mac OSX Mavericks Command Line

Speed Test OSX iTerm There are various reason, you need to test your broadband speed. I got BT broadband and it sucks since last couple of months. I badly need to check what’s current speed, I am getting right now

Installing and Setting up Github’s Atom Editor on Mac OSX Mavericks

Atom Editor GitHub has just released beta version of 21st century hackable editor for developers called ‘Atom‘. Currently, Atom (@AtomEditor) is in beta status and will be available only via invite. You can request an invite from GitHub by sending

Protecting from SSL/TSL bug: OSX 10.9.2 and iOS 7.0.6

OSX Mavericks 10.9.2 Apple has just released big update to fix SSL/TSL security bug. iOS 7.0.6 has fixed that bug already but Apple put this fix couple of days later for OSX Mavericks. Now bug has been fixed also added some

[Re]-Installing Jenkins on OSX Mavericks

Jenkins Installation Jenkins is the best Continuous integration tool in the Market. Jenkins is so popular because of hundreds of plug-ins that user can use to configure Job. Hope you have upgraded your OSX to Mavericks and lost your existing

BDD Living Documentation with Yard-Cucumber

Yard Cucumber Living documentation is very essential when working in the collaborative way with technology and business people. Behaviour Driven Development  [BDD]methodology enforces communication between business and technology. Any Documentation with nice web interface can be easily understood by the