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phpbrew: awesome PHP version Manager

phpbrew PHPBrew is a awesome PHP version management tool. It is very similar to RVM for Ruby version management. Now it become very easy to manage PHP versions on Mac OSX. Let’s get started with phpbrew, get it installed

Now we have installed phpbrew and we can initialise it.Read More

RESTful API Testing with Behat and Guzzle

Behat and Guzzle Behat is a behaviour driven development framework for the PHP application. Behat can be used for acceptance testing and api testing. Guzzle is PHP HTTP client to work with HTTP and web services. You can read more about Guzzle on the official website . We can use combinationRead More

Behat Mink and headless ZombieJS [Updated]

Behat-Zombie Hope you had enjoyed my previous blog post about setting up Behat-Mink and Zombie driver. It was broken due to latest changes in the driver. Here are some updates, you need to do in order to get it working Upgrade Node

Upgrade npm

Once you upgrade nodeRead More

PHP Continuous Integration Template using Composer and JenkinsCI

PHP-Jenkins Template Jenkins is a very popular Continuous Integration tool these days and using it with PHP project is became so easy with help of Jenkins-PHP  template  project. This project gives us ultimate guide to get started with basic setup of the PHP related tools and Jenkins plugins. You canRead More

Running Behat Scenarios with PahntomJS

Behat Behat is a Behavior Driven Development tool for the PHP application. Behat and Mink uses many drivers like Selenium, Sahi, Zombie and goutte to launch scenarios. In this post, we will see how to run Behat scenarios using an awesome tool called ‘PhantomJS‘. We will use a existing DemoRead More

Using Zombie.js Driver with Behat’s MinkExtension[Updated]

Zombie.js Zombie.js is a headless browser which uses Node.js, NPM, a C++ compiler and Python. We can use Zombie.js with Behat’s MinkExtesion to make your BDD scenarios much faster. We have seen that we can also use Selenium, WebDriver, Sahi etc etc with MinkExtension. Here are few Benefits you can achieve using Zombie.jsRead More

Mobile Test Automation & Device Orientation with Behat & SauceLabs

Behat Supports Mobile Automation for Portarit & Landscape orientation with SauceLabs: Hope you enjoyed my Guest Blog post on official Sauce Labs blog about ‘Testing Your Mobile Apps with Behat and SauceLabs’. We have seen how to run your BDD scenarios on the moble devices with use of Behat andRead More

Automating Web Performance Data Collection with Behat and BrowserMob Proxy

BrowserMob Proxy is a utility which is used for capturing HTTP traffic and performance data from the browser. BrowserMob-Proxy adds in essential missing capabilities such as checking HTTP status codes and injecting headers for HTTP Basic Auth. Web Perfomance data can be manually captured by other tools like Firebug orRead More

PHPUnit + Behat/Mink + Page Object: The Rockstar Combination of Testing

Last month, we had discussion about implementing page object pattern in Behat/Mink framework at London Behat Users meetup . Page object pattern is a cool way to make tests maintainable, reusable and readable. Everyone was interested to know more about Page Object Pattern.

Behat with Sauce Labs and Jenkins

Note : This post may not work with recent Behat. Please use Official Docs for Behat OR my  Github repo for to get it working without any issue   Abstract: The key benefits of Behavior-Driven-Development (BDD) practices are communication enhancement and customer satisfaction. You can read more about that byRead More