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Fire up BDD inside Docker with Cucumber and BDDfire

The key benefits of Behavior-Driven-Development (BDD) practices are communication enhancement and customer satisfaction. You can read more on that by Dan North and Gojko Adzic. Perhaps the biggest practical challenge that stands in the way of reaping those benefits is the burden of provisioning, installation, maintenance of requisite complex and fussy infrastructure andRead More

Instant Testing of RESTful API with BDDfire and Cucumber

BDDfire2.0.1 + REST API Testing Glad to announce support for the API testing to BDDfire as we can now use pre-defined steps to perform API testing using combination of Cucumber and RestClient. BDDFire is a wholesale Ruby-Cucumber framework where you can setup Web, Mobile, Accessibility, Load, Performance and now REST APIRead More

BDDfire 2.0 with Docker, Gatling and Accessibility support

BDDfire BDDfire allows us to setup Ruby Cucumber framework within a minute with all related toolkit. It became very popular as it gives us ability to setup Ruby-Cucumber framework without wasting time while setting up test framework for new projects. You don’t have to spend months and months setting up yourRead More

Docker Compose Cucumber for Cross-Browser Testing

Docker-Compose Docker is the trending tool in the recent days which allows us to run multiple lightweight containers to perform various task. Just in case, you haven’t got docker please refer my previous post ‘Guide to Docker ToolBox‘ to start Docker from scratch. Docker-compose is a way of managing multiple containersRead More

Dockerizing Cucumber-BDD and Ruby Friends

Docker Docker is becoming incredibly popular in the recent days. Docker containers are lightweight and can be launched as required. Well, this post is about provisioning Cucumber-Capybara BDD framework inside docker in order to execute Cucumber scenario inside the containers. This will install all the supporting tools as mentioned in theRead More

Faster BDD: Parallelising Cucumber and re-running failed scenarios

Parallelising Cucumber The ‘parallel_test‘ is a awesome rubygem to speedup your Rspec, Cucumber and Test Unit scenarios. Parallel _test also allows us to run Cucumber into different process and speedup the entire execution. In my previous blog post ‘speed up BDD with parallel cucumber‘ we have seen the basic setupRead More

Published New eBook: Practical Cucumber with Ruby Friends

New Free eBook I am glad to announce my new eBook on ‘Practical Cucumber with Ruby Friends‘ This book covers practical use of Cucumber, Capybara framework with step by step guide. This book also highlights modern web development tools for developers and testers. An open-source toolkit includes Capybara, Poltergeist, Relish,Read More

Setting up Headless Travis CI build with Cucumber+Capybara+Poltergeist

Travis CI Travis CI is a continuous integration service for the open source projects hosted on GitHub. You can login into  TravisCI with your existing GitHub account. Travis CI build will run after every checkin into the GitHub. Typically TravisCI loos like this Setting up TravisCI +Poltergeist Setting up TravisRead More

BDD: Auto-push living documentation with Relish

Relish Relish is a cool tool for the living documentation in the BDD projects. Please my detailed blog about how to setup relish-living documentation in the BDD project. Relish can be used with any BDD tool which support Gherkin language. In this post, we will see how to auto-push featureRead More

BDDfire : An Instant Ruby-Cucumber BDD Framework

BDDfire I am glad to announce ‘BDDfire‘ : An instant Ruby-Cucumber BDD framework which supports various popular open-source libraries like Capybara, Selenium-WebDriver, Poltergeist, Relish, Cuke_sniffer, Rubocop, Appium, Saucelabs, Browserstack etc etc.BDDfire will create all the directories and required files to support the latest open-source libraries in the Ruby-Cucumber framework. BDDfireRead More