Announcing Winner of the 2017 Cloud iOS CI Olympics

For one week, top 5 cloud-based iOS Continuous Integration Services were involved in the Olympics competitions. The competitions have been held to evaluate the performance of each player against the XCFit project with 20 different criteria. I would like to thank all the five players including

The player has received the GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE medal according to the performance. In order to, get a little bit of background for this Olympics, we need to go through some previous posts in this series.

As of now, we have given the 20 medals per games and the current medal table looks like this:

There is a tough fight between Bitrise and BuddyBuild at this moment but other players like TravisCI, CircleCI and Nevercode are too close. However, the game hasn’t finished yet. We still have 5 magic medals to be awarded to each player according to the following criteria

  • Social Media support during evaluation
  • Correcting my observations during evaluation
  • Accepting facts and respecting competitors
  • Showing courage to improve services
  • User Feedback on Twitter & Public API

A medal will be awarded for each of the criteria. This means every player will get 25 medals and winners will be the player who won maximum GOLD medals. If there are equal GOLD medal then we will look for the number of SILVER medals.

Magic Medals Awards

Now that, we need to present magic medals awards for each of the criteria mentioned above.

Social Media Support(SMS)

There were huge supports on Social Media during the evaluation process, especially on the Twitter. The tweets were liked replied and retweeted during the evaluation. The example Tweet can be found here.  BudduBuild and Nevercode were top on Social Media support. CircleCI joined late but there wasn’t any interest shown by Bitrise and TravisCI. The medals for the SMS a

[table id=13 /]

Correcting Observations(CO)

There were some features that I haven’t discovered in the first place but the players corrected me with right features by communicating with me on Twitter, Email and Blog comments. Nevercode, BuddyBuild and Bitrise contacted me and corrected most of my observations. The medals for the correcting observations are

[table id=14 /]

Accepting Facts and Respecting Competitor

There are some conversations with Twitter and emails on accepting the facts and respecting the competitors work. BuddyBuild and Nevercode are good at it. The medals for the accepting facts are

[table id=15 /]

Showing courage to Improve Services

Nevercode and BuddyBuild have shown strong desire to improve their services by email and with the tweet. The medals for showing courage to improve services are

[table id=16 /]

User Feedback on Twitter & Public API

I have collected some user feedback on Twitter and also public APIs like the status badge and public logs for the open source projects. BudduBuild, TravisCI and CircleCI have both good feedback on Twiter and Public logs and APIs. Bitrise and Nevercode lack public logs and some Twitter users reported issues with Xcode 9 upgrade for Bitrise and Nevercode still has failing build for me with Xcode 9.  The medals for user feedback and public APIs are

[table id=17 /]

Final Medal Table & Winner

Now that, we have awarded all the magic medals to all players. It’s time to declare the winner of the competition.

The final Medal table:

BB = BuddyBuild
BR = Bitrise
TC = TravisCI
NC = Nevercode
CC = CircleCI

[table id=2 /]

The Winner is ……………..

Congratulations, BuddyBuild !!

I would like to thank all other players including Bitrise, Nevercode, CircleCI and TravisCI. As you can see from the medal table it was tough competition and wasn’t an easy decision to make.

Our Runner-up is Bitrise

As you can see, CircleCI and Nevercode were very close. Anyways, it was BuddyBuild who selected as Winner of this Olympics game. Let’s Celebrate together for BuddyBuild  !!!


This is the end of Cloud iOS CI Olympics Ceremony 2017 !!  Be ready for the next year Olympics.