Podcast Interview: Automating iOS Apps in the Apple Bubble

Recently, I had the podcast interview with Joe Colantonio on the topic ‘Automating iOS Apps in the Apple Bubble‘ to discuss current trends in iOS Test Automation and iOS DevOps space. Joe runs TestTalks podcast which is all about test automation best practices and he has 199 episodes so far. He has already interviewed many industry experts and I am glad that I also got chance to have an interview with him to share my experience of iOS automation and DevOps.

What We Covered

My interview is episode 199 of the TestTalks podcast series. It’s available on iTunes here Or You can find the details of the podcast episode on the TestTalks website here

In this podcast interview, we have touched upon various topics of iOS Test Automation and DevOps including

  • How are companies testing iOS apps these days?
  • How to select tools for iOS Test Automation XCUITest Vs Appium?
  • What are the Behaviour Driven Development options available in iOS?
  • How to make iOS Tests CI or DevOps friendly?
  • How to test REST API inside the iOS application?
  • Can AI/ML Test iOS Apps?

If you are dealing with iOS Automation or iOS DevOps, you should definitely check out this episode. Just Click on the image below to listen or search ‘TestTalks’ episode 199 in your favorite podcast client on your phone.

Hope you will find this episode useful. Let me know what you think? I am on Twitter @Shashikant86