XCTEQ released Free Online Course on XCUITest for iOS Apps on Test Automation University

We are glad to announce that, XCTEQ has launched the first-ever online course on Apple’s UI testing framework also known as XCUITest on Test Automation University programme by Applitools. The online course takes approx 1 hour 30 min and covers the fundamentals of XCUITest framework

Test Automation University

Test Automation University is an online portal where automation engineers learn different test automation techniques. Angie Jones a senior developer advocate from Applitools has started the Test Automation University initiative to help developers, QA or anyone who want to learn the basics of the test automation. There are few other courses already published and more to come. XCTEQ and Test Automation University worked together to publish the “Introduction to iOS Test Automation with XCUITest” course. Check more about Test Automation University and other courses here.

XCUITest Course

Apple is heavily investing in the testing tools and technologies. The new features in XCTest and XCUITest are launched every year. There are testing related WWDC videos available to watch online. However, there is no official handbook or course for someone who wants to learn the XCUITest from scratch. XCTEQ and Test Automation Universit worked together to design and publish the course which will help any automation engineer to learn about the Apple ecosystem and native Apple testing tools. This course is designed into the eight basic chapters.

Chapter One “Introduction to XCUITest” covers the basics of the XCUITest framework. This chapters also cover the pros and cons of XCUITest and where to apply XCUITest framework

Chapter two “First XCUITest” covers the whats are the software required to write XCUITest a how to setup XCUITest in your iOS app. This chapter also covers recording XCUITest and writing your first ever XCUITest

Chapter three on the “Base Class” covers the refactoring of the XCUITests using the base classes to avoid the duplication of the code.

Chapter Four “BDD for XCUITest” covers how to write the human-readable XCUITests using the BDD principles. It also  covers the how to use Swift features like extensions and enums for the scalable XCUITest framework.

Chapter five “Organising XCUITest framework” covers how to effectively organise the XCUITest framework for both iPhone and iPad. This chapter will also cover how to set up the directory structure of the XCUITests using the Xcode.

Chapter six “XCUITest API” covers the different set of the API provided by the XCUITest framework. How to use XCUITest API for writing better XCUITest.

Chapter seven “Visual Testing with Eye XCUI” covers how to set up the visual validation tests using the Applitools EyeXCUI SDK and how to use test manager for tuning the tests in the cloud.

Final chapter “Setting up XCUITest on CI” covers how to run XCUITests from command line and how to setup on Travis CI for Continuous Integration.

Certificate and Credits

After successfully finishing the course, you will get the certificate from the Test Automation University and you can also earn the 800 credits from this course. Most importantly, you will learn the XCUITest for automating the iOS applications. You can use these skills to set up an automation framework for any native iOS app.

Course Link

You can find the entire course on the Test Automation University website here or click on the image below



We would love to hear your feedback on the course. If you have any feedback, positive, negative or any suggestions to improve this course, please feel free to comment on the blog or contact on Twitter @XCTEQUK or @Shashikant86. We value your feedback and your ideas are always welcome. Big thanks to Satyajit for providing valuable feedback on course on his blog. We are looking forward to receiving more feedback like this. Enjoy the course and enable XCUITest automation for your iOS apps.