iOS Developers Conference 2014 at SkillsMatter

iOS Developers Conference 2014

SkilllsMatter[@skillsmatter] has organised an awesome #iOSCon, iOS Developers Conference in London. The programme of the conference can be found here.

My talk on iOS Automation with Appium, Cucumber and Saucelabs has been selected for the conference in which I have covered following topics

  • Introduction to Appium [@appiumdevs]
  • Setting up your Mobile App for the Appium Test (Local and @Saucelabs)
  • Use of Appium Inspector

  • Live Demo of the Cucumber + Appium +Saucelabs


[courtesy : SkillsMatter Flickr]


The Slides of my talk can be found on the SlidesShare



You can watch the video of my talk by clicking on the image. Note: You may need to login to watch entire skillcast