My Journey into World’s Top 100 DevOps Practitioners List

Glad to announce that I got a place in the DevOps 100 list published by TechBeacon. The TechBeacon has published DevOps 100, the list of top 100 DevOps leaders, practitioners and experts to follow on Social Media. TechBeacon hand-picked list of 100 exceptional writers, speakers, and leaders who can teach you a great deal about DevOps. The topics include General DevOpscloudcontainersserverlessmonitoring, systems engineering, agile, and testing. XCBlog is classified under the list of General DevOps leader.

DevOps 100

The DevOps 100 list has been curated by Mitch Pronschinske, an evangelist at HashiCorp. He is researching the trends in the software industry since last few years and produce content for the TechBeacon. You can Read List of ALL DevOps 100 people here 

XCBlog got placed for the blog about DevOps and Continuous Delivery of an iOS app. You can see u in that list. Here is it looks like:


DevOps Contribution

This is a good opportunity to recap some of the DevOps contribution made by XCBlog for the community. I will share some links here that are Relevant to the DevOps and CI/CD.

Jenkins Administrator at AOL, UK (2012)

I started working on implementing Jenkins infrastructure at AOL UK in 2012, where we have set up Jenkins Master Slave Artichture by replacing the BuildBot. At that time, there wasn’t any official role of DevOps and tools like Docker, AWS and Kubernetes were not even born. It was a great experience setting up Jenkins using Linux KVM based in the different data centre. At that time, I released that Continuous Integration is my passion. At that time, I have shared my experience in the blog posts shared below

My blogs from AOL Experience 

Launching Jenkins Slaves on Fly 

Jenkins Adventure on Mac and Linux

Hudson + Jenkins + Docker at BBC (2013-2016)

In 2013, I started working at BBC with where we used to have Hudson for Continuous Integration, we have automated our build for PHP, JavaScript and Cucumber tech stack. As tools like AWS, Docker started appearing in the market, we started Dockerising the PHP application with Jenkins. At that time, I rewrote the Jenkins job template to cover JavaScript tech stack, Some of the links from my work are on BBC Tech blog here

Official BBC Blogs 

Continuous Integration for PHP, JavaScript and Cucumber

Personal Blogs

PHP Continuous Integration Template for Jenkins 

JavaScript Continuous Integration with Grunt and Jenkins


First Ever Guide on Jenkins 2.0 and Docker(2016)

At the time of early 2016, when Jenkins 2.0 is about to launch, I wrote the first ever blog post on setting up Jenkins 2.0 with Docker. This blog post has been published on the CloudBee’s official blog as well here

This is probably the first ever blog post explaining the step by step guide setting up the Jenkins2.0 inside the docker.


An organiser of London Jenkins Area Meetup(2016)

In mid-2016, I became organise of the London Jenkins Area Meetup and we had our first ever meet up at the ThoughtWorks office in London on Jenkins 2.0. The London Jenkins meetup then hosted by some of the big companies like Telegraph, YNAP, Accenture, CapitalOne etc. You can find the full details of the London Jenkins Meetup here

XCBlog and Mobile DevOps (Since 2016)

Since, mid-2016, I fully moved into the DevOps, CI/CD for the iOS apps and never looked back. Since then, I have tried various tools for CI/CD for iOS apps and written my own to support the DevOps for iOS apps. You can check CI/CD tag on my blog for complete list of blogs on iOS DevOps.

iOS Continuous Delivery at Photobox/Moonpig (2016-2017)

Working at Photobox Group, I got an excellent opportunity of implementing the DevOps practices on mobile apps. We managed to set up fully automated releases for our iOS apps using various tools like Fastlane, TeamCity and Ansible. Here are some of the links on Moonpig Engineering blogs how we achieved this:

My posts on Official Moonpig Engineering Blog 

iOS Continuous Delivery with Fastlane 

iOS Continuous Integration with Ansible

I wrote some Ansible roles for provisioning our CI/CD infrastructure. My colleagues at Photobox still living my Continuous Delivery dreams.

iOS Continuous Delivery at YNAP (2017-Till Date)

At YNAP, we went from amateur CI system to fully mature CI system with Travis CI. They have just started YNAP-Tech medium publication where I will be writing how we automated releases for iOS apps and SDKs.

YNAP Tech Blogs

Automated iOS Code Reviews with SwiftLint and Danger

Stay Tunes for more iOS DevOps stuff there soon.

XCTEQ Limited

Finally, a launch of XCTEQ Limited has fulfilled my DevOps dream. XCTEQ journey is just started and there are so many amazing things on the roadmap. Checkout XCTEQ website for details


Started in late 2011 till now it’s been the great journey with DevOps and CI/CD tools. It makes me happy to see this process year by year but this is just a trailer, the whole movie of Mobile DevOps is yet to come. Stay tuned for the upcoming adventures on my personal blog or XCTEQ blogs. Thanks for reading.