Top iOS 12 Features Every iOS Developer Should Know

Note: This is the re-post of the original guest blog, I wrote on Bitbar blog here  

Apple released iOS 12 just in time after announcing three new iPhones. The new iOS version has a rich set of features in terms of performance and user experience and comes with huge enhancements in performance, security and privacy. Whilst considering these new features for users, we also need to consider what this release means to every iOS developer and QA engineer. In this post, we will explore some major development and testing considerations for Apple’s new operating system.

There are following new features that every iOS Developer should know.

  • Xcode 10
  • New Build System
  • Parallel Testing
  • Code Coverage with xccov
  • Create ML
  • Siri Shortcut
  • ARKit 2.0
  • CarPlay + Google Map

These are some key developer specific features of iOS 12. Are you ready to upgrade your technology stack to support these iOS 12 features?

As I said earlier, this is a repost of my original blog on Bitbar. In order to know more about iOS 12 features for developer and QA engineers, please read the original post on Bitbar blog here

Let me know if I missed developer specific feature of iOS 12.