XCBlog on Apple News

Apple announced  Apple News recently, to read interesting stories and share them with world. Apple news is currently available in USA, UK and Australia. I am glad to announce that my personal blog “XCBlog- The Swifty iOS Continuous Delivery Blog ” is now available on Apple News, You can read stuff that I post related to iOS Automation, iOS DevOps and iOS Continuous Delivery. You can read about my XCblog on web here

XCBlog On Apple News

You can easily find XCBlog on Apple News by searching in the News or if you are following Xcode or iOS related tags then some stories from XCBlog will popup.


Look forward to add, contribute more on Test Automation, DevOps and BDD for the  iOS and other  platforms.

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XCBlog On Medium and DZone

XCBlog is also published regularly on Medium and DZone sites. Please follow the links to subscribe to Medium and DZone if you find the blogs interesting.

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