Announcing the Launch of ‘XCBlog’ iOS App

Today, I am glad to announce launch of new mobile (iOS) app ‘XCBlog’ for this blog. XCBlog is already available on Web and Apple News which covers topics like Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Automation and Behaviour Driven Development  for the iOS application development. After months of hard work and dedication in learning Swift language, Swift frameworks, iOS dependency management, iOS release process and many more things, I am delighted to officially announce launch on 11th April 2017. The XCblog iOS app is available on Apple App Store here

With this new iOS, I would expect native iOS reader will be able to read post offline as well as get notified when new post is published. This release targeted for iPhone and iPad end users looking to read content about latest things in the iOS development and iOS DevOps.

This new app has interactive and user-friendly  tutorial at the start so that  user can get familiar of app feature quickly.

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XCBlog iOS app mainly comes with the following key features:

  • Offline Access to the posts
  • Read posts in Apple’s own SF Mono Font
  • Access to all posts  once downloaded
  • Favourites and Popular posts
  • Advanced Search
  • Ability to Share and Comment on the post from app.
  • Ability to filter posts by tags and categories

I will be constantly updating the content with new things in iOS Development, iOS Delivery and iOS Automation. I would also write about iOS Developer tools and Server Side Swift in the future.

I hope you will find new XCBlog iOS app with fresh and decent look useful to read content online and offline. I would like to thank authors of  all the third party Swift framework used in this application without them it would not possible to build awesome features in the app.

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please email me

Don’t forget to rate and review XCBlog app.

Thank You!