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BDD using XCTActivity feature of XCUITest ?

Apple has recently announced new features in XCUITest framework. One of the great feature is Activities which can be used  to organise XCTest actions into human readable activities. The new protocol XCTActivity has been added to the XCTest framework. What is Activities in XCUITests Usually UI Tests perform lot of actions during execution e.gRead More

Introducing Protocol-Oriented BDD in Swift for iOS Apps

Swift is truly protocol-oriented language. Since introduced in  WWDC 2014 and open sourced in December 2015,  it become one of the popular language for developing iOS application. You can watch this WWDC video to know about protocol oriented programming with Swift. In the recent days, protocol-oriented approach is definitely dominated the objectRead More

Running XCUITests in Parallel with Fastlane and Bluepill

LinkedIn recently open-sourced Bluepill which is a tool to run iOS tests in parallel. There is a Bluepill announcement blog post on LinkedIn Engineering blog here. Bluepill wasn’t supporting Apple’s XCTest and XCUITests framework from scratch but with latest release v1.0.0 we can able to run XCTest and XCUITests in parallelRead More

iOS Localization and Internationalization Testing with XCUITest

It’s very common to find an iOS applications in different languages and supporting different countries. The brands needs to intruduce their business  to the locals in the language that is truly local and that’s the way to connect and create value out of the iOS app. It’s essential to developRead More

Controlling Siri from XCTest using XCUISiriService

Apple has released new Xcode 8.3 beta 2 with new Swift 3.1 snapshot which is available to download from Apple developer account. There are lot of new things in Xcode 8.3 beta 2, you can read release note if you have Apple developer account. There is a handy class added to the XCTestRead More

Stabilizing the CI By Re-runing Flaky iOS XCUI Tests

Apple has released Xcode UI Testing a.k.a XCUI Test framework at WWDC 2015 which enable UI testing of iOS application straight from Xcode without any third party tools like Appium, Calabash or KIF.  These tools that call themselves mobile testing frameworks but they’re actually little more than wrappers to UIAutomation or Instruments.  The releaseRead More