Announcing the trailer of iOS DevOps Book

Glad to announce my new adventure of writing a book on iOS DevOps which cover almost everything to deliver the quality app to AppStore. This book is aimed to solve the challenges of iOS development by applying practical Mobile DevOps and Continuous Delivery techniques. This book will help your iOS team to automate the entire release process of iOS apps including analysing, building, testing, achieving and distribution to App Store. You will also learn about dealing with complex iOS development tasks like Apple development certificates, provisioning-profiles, code signing and distribution to AppStore Connect. This books also covers popular package managers in iOS and how to choose select right package manager for your iOS app. We will also cover the detailed process of iOS Continuous Integration a.k.a CI and how to setup Continuous Integration for your iOS apps. You can click on the image below to know more about this book

This Book will have the six main parts

  • Basics of Continuous Delivery and Mobile DevOps
  • iOS Package Managers
  • iOS Code Signing
  • iOS Deployment Pipelines
  • iOS Continuous Integration
  • AppStore Connect

This will be the tentative structure of our book and might change as we go on writing. Please let us know if we miss something to cover in this book, we will happy to cover anything about DevOps, CI/CD or Test Automation in this book. If you are interested in this book, please tweet this book.