XCBlog on Apple News Again!

Apple News is a cool app to stay updated with recent news, trends and hot topics. On March 14, 2017, I wrote a post that XCBlog channel was live on Apple News and it served fresh content on iOS app development, CI/CD, DevOps for mobile apps. However, since the last few months, XCBlog channel was offline as the logo wasn’t compatible with Apple new guidelines that changed last year. All the content was removed from that point. However, the great news is that Apple News has approved the logo and XCBlog channel is back online again!

XCBLOG Channel On Apple News 

If you are interested in the fresh content on the Mobile DevOps, CI/CD or recent news on Apple Developer tools. Feel free to find the XCBlog channel on the Apple New app. You will the content fro June 2018 onwards. Unfortunately, I have lost the content before that, but the most recent and upcoming content will be delivered on a regular basis.

How to Find XCBlog Channel

There are a couple of ways, you can find XCBLOG channel in the Apple News

  • You can Search “XCBLOG” and you won’t miss the channel.
  • Open this link on your iOS Device. You will be taken to the XCBlog Apple News channel.


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